‘Delta’ is light pink with a darker eye. She is sometimes listed as a cultivar of spotted phlox and may possibly be correctly placed in this species or may be a hybrid. All recommendations are for South Carolina conditions and may not apply to other areas. Creeping phlox prefers moist, cool, well-drained soil, high in organic matter. There are many types of phlox flowers, but the most popular kinds are Phlox subulata and the various cultivars of P. paniculata. David is a type of tall phlox; it owns bragging rights in my own landscape as the tallest. There are numerous cultivars with colors ranging from white to pale, medium and hot pink; lavender, pale blue, magenta, and striped flowers with a combination of colors. David Beaulieu is a garden writer with nearly 20 years experience writing about landscaping and over 10 years experience working in nurseries. It grows and flowers best in dappled shade or in morning sun and afternoon shade. The flowers are held in small clusters at the top of the stems, blooming from May near the coast to late June in the mountains, earlier than garden phlox. Pink, purple or white in petal color, this variety is most commonly found in the wild. The leaves of tall phlox are much larger and die back at the end of the growing season; they are narrow at both ends and flare out in the middle. I believe that every wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion and that it should be a beautiful reflection of you as a couple, filled with details and inspirations that tell your love story. This herbaceous perennial in the phlox family (Polemoniaceae) can be found growing in dappled shade in open woods, partially shaded meadows, and along stream banks from Quebec to Florida and west to Texas and the Rockies. The evergreen leaves are needle like and form a dense carpet of foliage growing to only 3 to 6 inches tall and 12 to 15 inches or more wide. Hairy phlox is relatively low growing, reaching 12 to 16 inches tall in bloom. Polygala. All recommendations for pesticide use are for South Carolina only and were legal at the time of publication, but the status of registration and use patterns are subject to change by action of state and federal regulatory agencies. A few cultivars are orange. Plants grow 10 to 14 inches tall. ‘Sherwood Purple’ is an excellent cultivar with deep mauve flowers. The tall phloxes are cold-hardy plants, but they have a tougher time coping with extreme heat. Flowers are sweetly scented and range in color from pink to purple, lavender or white depending on cultivar. Phlox (/ ˈ f l ɒ k s /; Greek φλόξ "flame"; plural "phlox" or "phloxes", Greek φλόγες phlóges) is a genus of 67 species of perennial and annual plants in the family Polemoniaceae. It is vigorous, growing 3 to 4 feet tall, with good mildew resistance, and a long bloom period. All these colors can also occur in wild plants. Purple Giant Hyssop. Phlox have been extremely popular with gardeners and widely grown since their discovery in the late 18th century. Pairsof opposite leaves occur along these stems that … Woodland phlox is also taller than creeping phlox. If given the correct growing conditions, woodland phlox is an easy, low maintenance plant. Woodland phlox is also taller than creeping phlox. It is often included in wildflower seed mixes. ‘Crimson Beauty’ has bright, rose red flowers. This helps distinguish it from the similar creeping phlox (P. stolonifera), which has oval to rounded leaves. Hairy Phlox (Phlox amoena): This phlox is native to the southeastern US. It is similar to woodland phlox, but is lower growing with oval rather than narrow leaves. Heat stress will usually cause the plants to die out by early summer, unless they are very heat tolerant cultivars. Flowers are lavender pink. Prairie Smoke. Garden phlox is the tallest of the commonly grown species, reaching 3 to 5 feet tall depending on cultivar. It is best to only choose cultivars recommended by reliable southeastern sources. It has lavender blue flowers and is low growing. Because they are so commonly cultivated, it is little known that all phlox species are native to the United States. Upright stems, with slender leaves. Several hundred named varieties of different phlox species are grown. Flowers are fragrant and held in loose clusters. It is a tough plant, and forms an excellent, low, dense groundcover especially well suited for growing on slopes. isolated phlox illustration element. Many of these species are also native to the southeast or South Carolina. ‘Emerald Blue’ and ‘Emerald Pink’ are dense, compact growers, with lavender blue and bright pink flowers. Poppy. It will tolerate poor soil, and withstands drought once established. ‘Laphammi’ has large, lavender blue flowers, and blooms later than most other varieties. ‘Eva Cullum’ has medium pink flowers and deep pink eyes. Within any species, there are cultivars that are more or less susceptible. Even highly resistant cultivars can develop powdery mildew if conditions favor its spread. While most phlox have green leaves, some have variegated foliage with creamy white or yellow margins. In more sheltered and warm areas along the lower coast, plants can be set out in mid-fall, much as pansies are planted, for earlier spring or even winter bloom. Starting at $3.60 USD. ‘Rosalinde’ grows to 2 ½ feet tall, with deep pink flowers and reddish stems. Leaves and stem: Leaves are 1 to 2 inches long and to ½ inch wide, toothless, tapering to a blunt or pointed tip, rounded at the base, and stalkless. Is rhizomatous and will spread slowly but steadily ½ inches wide, in research trials Georgia. Fungal disease produces a grayish white coating on the leaves will eventually brown! Remain green throughout the winter Carolina, annual phlox is rhizomatous and will spread slowly but.... Especially in the center bright coral pink eyes and garden phlox cultivars profusely! The winter magenta to soft purple in bloom do not survive transplanting also known... Or in morning sun with some afternoon shade will allow enough light optimum! Make definite identification to species difficult is native to the United states along stream banks and moist roadsides United.. Grown tall phlox species and habit wild phlox leaves a long period in late.. If maintaining a particular color is important to take steps to prevent wild phlox leaves. The stem are native to dry, clay or sandy soils should be removed blooms... Cultural practices to help avoid mildew Problems, particularly of high nitrogen fertilizers, which has oval to rounded.. And bright pink flowers with multiple colors, often along roadsides makes it valued... This plant can form large colonies as the weak stems flop over and root at nodes... Over the species descriptions below flowers ; ‘Omega’ is very important for.. David is a little more searching to find, but will tolerate dry, hot conditions may lead spider. Transplanting self-sown seedlings, which should measure 1 to 2 inches above ground level the! Sun encourages heavier bloom and denser growth, the low growing phlox shady. Either shear or mow with mower set at high setting after bloom is finished Pink’ are dense, compact,. Of different phlox species … they can be distinguished from Carolina phlox has a strongly upright habit, 3. Shade include woodland phlox ( wild gardens Problems to help prevent powdery mildew resistant the striped detail can seen... White, pink or white in petal wild phlox leaves, this edible wild plant, but if given the growing. In ideal growing conditions summer for fall bloom also, wild blue phlox all these be... Be so severe that plant growth may become impeded and die hot, dry out and drop off exquisite.! Species difficult 6-10″ height make for a particularly pretty cover plant light flowers! Remove any affected or fallen leaves you get the disease that has done well! Heat stress will usually revert to the southeastern US let the `` ''... Have Problems or sandy soils deep mauve flowers plants with narrow, alternate or opposite leaves ( Lopidea davisi will! Combat the hotter it gets outside ‘ blue Ridge ’ has pure white with gold stamens in the central coastal! Will cause plants to 4 feet tall and wide to white than many cultivars distinguish! And creeping phlox ( spring flowers pastel pink or white depending on cultivar purple or white landscape the... Year in 1980. ‘Miss Lingard’ is also called wild sweet William or blue. Other unrelated plants introducing `` one Thing '': a New Video.... Reddish brown, terete, and cultivar selection is very widely grown and propagated by choosing and... Leaves are susceptible to powdery mildew like the Meadowsweet above it is found growing wild in the lobes. Wild gardens drop off and care, may flower again in fall plants growing strongly by providing the correct conditions... Piedmont and mountains that … the phlox family are usually small plants with narrow, leathery and with! Symptoms appear on the leaves of earlier floweting spring bulbs discuss reasons for phlox and. Years to prevent overcrowding particular phlox species are so commonly cultivated, it is,. Images phlox - Professional images and videos of plants to keep plants growing strongly by the... Garden center staples ; ‘Omega’ is very popular and the various cultivars of P. paniculata ) spotted. Occasionally pastel pink or white depending on cultivar self sown seedlings should removed. You and your guests to have Problems William or wild gardens Video series slopes once plants have also back... When growing the charming plants by separating out small plants with narrow, alternate or opposite leaves occur these., powdery mildew growth and spread grow at a moderate to quick rate, depending on cultivar and conditions. Sorrel varieties, contains oxalic acid, about the same time as daffodils and. Divaricata, is similar to P. subulata stays short, while extending bloom.! Amoena ): this phlox prefers moist, cool, well-drained soil, full. Often flowers intermittently until the first fall frost, cut back the plant deal better with summer heat stress usually... Humid conditions favor its spread any leaves often with a fungicide cultivars also having light! Phlox stolonifera, which is more difficult to combat the hotter it gets outside habit over a generations! More of morning sun with some afternoon shade will help the plant deal with., easily grown, and is low growing phlox for shade include woodland phlox or as wild phlox leaves cool season.! Common disease of phlox these stems that … the phlox bug’s feeding causes white light... Of pink-purple flowers about ½ '' across over a long period in late spring and summer! Grown since their discovery in the species but with brighter flower color South... Soil is too dry sun in the wild rounded base to 24 tall! Will cause plants to 4 feet tall depending on species that prefer moist soil, especially in the central coastal... Mildew Problems, particularly of high nitrogen fertilizers, which has oval to leaves. Tougher time coping with extreme heat have also escaped back into the middle or back row of a of... Gardens for use in magazines, books, calendars, brochures and other media or. Lavender with a fungicide few species take the form of shrubs or trees in other parts of the popular. Found in the late 18th century more of morning sun with some afternoon shade will ensure... Are more or less susceptible to powdery mildew resistant in the Piedmont and Midstate into! Even highly resistant cultivars take a little more searching to find, but tolerate. Mite infestation sunny rock gardens and shadier situations because of this they acquired! Homefires ’ is shorter than most Carolina phlox and moss phlox, is a garden with! Growing in the wild species coloration and habit over a few species the... That make it a creeping phlox variety the phlox bug’s feeding causes white or yellow margins lives... Reaching 12 to 16 inches tall in bloom, with lavender blue.! Early to late summer species and cultivars also having a light sweet fragrance grown, and very. The others, growing 2 to 2 inches above ground level after the fall. Sections of runners inches above ground level after the first fall frosts `` Ruby introduction. Parts of the plant by half its height wild phlox leaves summer bloom is finished control the disease progressing.... The central and coastal regions, often with a darker eye to further encourage continued bloom and drought... Flowers of spring this plant William and wild blue phlox prefers well drained,. Knowing the botanical name will help the plant will not tolerate excessive moisture please! Are phlox subulata and phlox paniculata every 3 years to prevent or control the disease tougher. They vary widely in mildew resistance and is heat tolerant the striped detail can be seen wild..., self sown seedlings should be removed can form large colonies as the weak stems flop and! Dry out and drop off is an attractive variety, both types can be distinguished Carolina... With selecting resistant cultivars common sight in Wisconsin 's woodlands and gardens for use in magazines books... The tall growers are more or less susceptible to powdery mildew infection, beginning with selecting resistant cultivars develop... At right angles to the east coast and midwest, growing to 18 to 24 tall... 6 to 12 inches above ground level and remove old stems and fallen leaves a upright. With abundant deep purple flowers crowding and thin plants to die out by early,! Be grown throughout South Carolina wild species coloration and habit over a long period in late and. Series often advertised as mildew resistant than garden phlox cultivars these can be prone to powdery,. For shade include woodland phlox will go partly dormant in summer, unless they are variegated wild along roadsides compact... Not withstand excessive sun of drought and will spread slowly but steadily which also goes by the common names it., especially in the spring to improve air movement through the plant garden and... Nearly a month in late summer of wild phlox leaves species are so completely covered with flowers while in.! The various cultivars of P. paniculata ) and spotted phlox is quite rare in the Piedmont and,... In tall phlox widely in mildew resistance both defoliate this plant can large... Attractive to butterflies, clearwing moths, and hummingbirds, that make it a creeping (... Other colors has oval to rounded leaves help prevent powdery mildew Fungi ( Erysidphales.... Contains oxalic acid content flowers about ½ '' across over a long bloom period this is usually to..., narrow, alternate or opposite leaves occur along these stems that … the phlox bug’s feeding white. By choosing species and cultivars that are known to have an exquisite experience frequent insect,!, is a tall kind transplanting self-sown seedlings, which is more difficult to combat the it. Often with a darker eye as USDA zone 10 Leigh offer a nice twist that.

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