얼마예요? It is also a polite way of saying “hey”. 빈방 있어요? geokjeong haji maseyo!No problem! 보증금 얼마예요? Of course you find out about your personal results immediately after you have taken the test. nemyeong jari isseoyo?Please give me a menu 메뉴판 주세요 menyupan juseyoDo you have vegetarian dishes? 채식주의자용 식사 있어요? 1940s Slang 466; 1980s Slang 441; 1950s Slang 432; 1970s Slang 426; 1990s Slang 420; 1960s Slang 418; Non-Military Generals 195; 1910's Slang 187; 1900's Slang 153; Quick Pick: 'Geography Verbs' 143; Score Distribution . If you need more dating and relationship phrases, stop by our Korean Love Phrases page for a complete list of things to say. ‘못생겼다’ means ‘ugly’, and although this sentence ‘더 좋을 남자의 만하다’ doesn’t make any sense, it maybe means ‘meet a better man’ or ‘be a better man’. masisseoyo!It doesn’t taste good 맛없어요 maseopseoyoI’m hungry 배고파요 baegopayoI’m thirsty 목 말라요 mok mallayoGive me coffee please 커피 주세요 keopi juseyoI’m a vegetarian 저는 채식주의자예요 jeoneun chaesikjuuijayeyoI don’t eat meat 저는 고기를 못 먹어요 jeoneun gogireul mot meogeoyoI can eat anything 다 먹을 수 있어요 da meogeul su isseoyo. igeo eolmayeyo?I’ll be right back! 고치는 비용 얼마예요? gijangeul neullyeo juseyoPlease make this shorter 기장을 줄여 주세요. 즐거운 추석 보내세요 jeulgeoun chuseok bonaeseyoHappy Valentine's Day! Log in Sign up. Upgrade to remove ads. baesonggiganeun eolmana geollyeoyo?What is the zip code for this address? Trustworthy Websites for Learning the Korean Language, Tips on How to Easily Remember Korean Words, REASONS YOUR KOREAN LANGUAGE LEARNING HAS NOT ADVANCED YET, Ways to Learn and Understand the Korean Language. All of the phrases are in standard language, so you can use them to speak with anyone. 마지막 영화는 언제예요? This goes for the smaller local buses (마을 버스), the regular city buses, and even the express buses (고속 버스). Tweet 0. maejeomeun eodi isseoyo?I’d like two tickets for Train to Busan the movie 부산행 영화는 2장 주세요 busanhaeng yeonghwaneun dujang juseyoHow much are the Sweetbox seats? These phrases mean “It’s okay”, “I’m alright”, “I’m fine” or “It’s alright”. Relying on rote memorization to learn Korean vocabulary is challenging (and often not fun!). 이 버스는 어디로 가요? (jal meogeotseumnida), you’d actually used that to say “thank you” in Korean. These words are known as Konglish and they are really helpful. You can use this phrase when you want to tell someone you miss them, either to your sweetheart or just a friend. (cheer) 화이팅! 옷을 언제 받을 수 있어요? aya! You may even notice these Korean move theater brands in other countries. TOPIK GUIDE Team. Then, instead of saying “thank you”, you’d simply say 잘 먹었습니다 (jal meogeotseumnida), which means “I ate well.”. In short, these phrases simply mean “I miss you”. 휴대폰 충전기 팔아요? Ordinary shirts, trousers, skirts, and suits make your clothing look new again. Korea has a massive coffee-drinking culture, and it’s continuing to spread! gochineun biyong eolmayeyo?When can I pick up my phone? On the other hand, “Happy New Year” does not sound like the English phrase at all. English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationWhat is your phone number? Billy Korean Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationThrow away the receipt 영수증은 버려 주세요 yeongsujeungeun beoryeo juseyoPlease give me a receipt 영수증 주세요 yeongsujeung juseyoPut it in a bag 봉투에 넣어 주세요 bongtue neoeo juseyoPlease give me a discount 좀 깎아 주세요 jom kkakka juseyoHow much is it? The cars are clean, the fares are inexpensive, and it’s usually quite easy to find one. If you need to ask for water at a restaurant, a good phrase to say is 물 좀 주세요 (mul jom ju-se-yo). susuryo isseoyo?Do you have an ID card 신분증 있어요? kadeu dwaeyo? Just add question mark to the phrase. Best to leave the care of your finest threads to the professionals. swineun sigane sigan isseoyo?I’m busy on Monday 월요일에 바빠요 woryoire bappayoShall we go on a date together? Contents. yeonghwagwansibigwan eodie isseoyoWhere is the concession stand? 직업이 뭐예요? Take this quiz to find out if you know your Korean phrases well! They’re organized in sections so they can be used in different locations. chaesikjuuijayong siksa isseoyo?Is this spicy? Korea is a very safe country, so hopefully you will have a safe and pleasant time here. Kimchi is symbolic of Korean culture: it’s strong, distinctive, and defiant. The phrases below are written in standard language form. But most of the time in K-dramas it is used negatively, or at least that is how I observed it. 이 주소의 우편번호가 뭐예요? These Korean small talk phrases are great for getting to know someone! Literal Translation: Glasses in my eyes. If you study the phrases below, you’ll have a lot to talk about when you meet your friends. 어디로 갈까요? These types of words are similar to onomatopoeia, except they take it a step further by describing movement instead of just a sound. Bomb drink (i.e. Visual Associations to learn the Korean alphabet in record time! Share 0. Or maybe you have a special someone in mind who you want to meet up with, but you’re not quite sure how to ask? Staying in Korean accommodations can be a fun and unique experience. Not only will you make sure you get to your destination smoothly, but you’ll likely have a more interesting experience. Take the Quiz Select Korean and start the quiz. Hello! 영화 상영 시간이 얼마나 돼요? All Korean Vocabulary PDFs; All Korean Vocabulary PDFs. Surely you have heard of these phrases before and you certainly know the meaning of it. Well, that’s great news! You can say shilaehapnida in various situations such as follows: someone is blocking your way and you want to walk through or you are walking in a crowded street and you want to get by. heol!Yay! Since some of them are outside of the big cities, the staff may not be used to speaking English as in other tourist areas. Choose from 500 different sets of korean flashcards on Quizlet. boilermaker or soju bomb), I would like to find a one bedroom apartment, jeuksi miguk daesagwaneuro jeonhwahae juseyo, an-nyeon-ghi ga-se-yo (안녕히 가세요) – Goodbye. As you continue with your Korean learning, focus on these common Korean phrases that will be used on a daily basis. Whether or not you feel the same way, you’re likely to come across times where you’ll need to take care of your mobile phone. jeil gakkaun gyeongchalseoga eodiyeyoWhere is the closest hospital? Most often this happens when you call into an office or company. A great way to speak these phrases on a daily basis is to plan on using one phrase each day. 얼마예요? I always hear this word before someone asks a question. Fun tips, lessons, and articles on Korean language and culture, ©2013-2020 90 Day Languages LLC - All Rights Reserved. These recommendations of the Council of Europe will help you see on which level (A1 - C2) you should study Korean. It’s hard for them to imagine living without that tasty part of their cuisine. songgeum susuryoneun eolmayeyo?Can I apply for a credit card? konsenteu isseoyo?Where are your electrical outlets? 마이크씨에게 다시 전화하라고 할까요? binbang isseoyo?I would like to make a reservation 예약을 하고 싶어요 yeyageul hago sipeoyoDid you have a reservation? Create. The staff will likely speak to you in honorific language, but you can reply in standard everyday Korean. We usually hear this phrase whenever a character is in danger, when he or she is anxious, or when being problematic. Jinjja! I am not entirely sure whether I got the translations correctly, so feel free to correct my errors if you can find any. Billy Korean . Here are the 15 Most Common Korean phrases for K-drama Addicts. 잘 … These phrases are used when you want to apologize to elderly people and both phrases are formal. eodiro galkkayo?Say hi to brother for me 형한테 안부 전해 주세요 hyeonghante anbu jeonhae juseyoGet home safely 집에 잘 들어가요 jibe jal deureogayo. At many bus stops in Seoul, there is a digital display that shows which buses are coming and what time they will arrive. That way you can learn some simple phrases without having to know all of the intricacies of the language. 누구세요? Most importantly, you can spend your time talking to your Korean friend about the crazy day you had yesterday instead of the broken light in the hall. How did they do it so fast? No matter what time of year, what time of day, or what the weather is like, it’s always a good time to go see a movie in Korea! yeonghwa sangyeong sigani eolmana dwaeyo? Another way and a more polite way to apologize in Korean is saying “Jal moruhgessumnida” and “Jal morumnida”. nuguseyo?Can I speak to Ella please? (Check this one for more Korean words you should be aware of.) 압구정역 어디인지 아세요? Only $2.99/month. oseul eonje badeul su isseoyo?I’m here to pick up my clothes 제 옷을 찾으러 왔어요 je oseul chajeureo wasseoyoHow much is it? Choose from 500 different sets of korean grammar made flashcards on Quizlet. In addition to animal sounds, there are also words for everyday sounds such as snoring, crying, and a doorbell ringing. danggeun!Starbucks 별다방 byeoldabangBoyfriend 남친 namchinGirlfriend 여친 yeochinFree item at restaurant or store 서비스 seobiseurecognize or respect 인정! This is the most common way to express how you miss someone in Korean. Can't read Korean yet? myeot bageul hasil geomnikka?May I see the room first? And if you need some sweet things to say to your significant other, here’s what you need. Gravity. 남자친구 있어요? eodiro galkkayo?Please take me to Sinsa-dong 신사동으로 가주세요 sinsadongeuro gajuseyoI will give you the address 주소를 알려 드릴게요 jusoreul allyeo deurilgeyoPlease go left at Apartment 아파트에서 좌회전해 주세요 apateueseo jwahoejeonhae juseyoPlease go right at Hospital 병원에서 우회전해 주세요 byeongwoneseo uhoejeonhae juseyoPlease go straight at Crossroads 사거리에서 직진해 주세요 sageorieseo jikjinhae juseyoPlease make a u-turn at Cafe 카페에서 유턴해 주세요 kapeeseo yuteonhae juseyoPlease stop at Seoul station 서울역에서 세워 주세요 seoullyeogeseo sewo juseyoPlease stop in front of Theater 영화관 앞에 세워 주세요 yeonghwagwan ape sewo juseyoPlease stop before Gang-nam station 강남역전에 세워 주세요 gangnamyeok jeone sewo juseyoPlease stop after aBus stop 버스정류장 지나서 세워 주세요 beoseujeongnyujang jinaseo sewo juseyoGoodbye (to the person leaving) 안녕히 가세요 annyeonghi gaseyoTaxi driver 기사님 gisanim. Instead, make life easier for everyone by using these handy landlord Korean phrases. English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationDid a package arrive for me? Along with that, comes a wide range of interesting Korean phrases that will allow you to express your feelings in unique ways. It’s an important part of most people’s lives. Then you can focus on your 집들이 (housewarming)! So I had to drag him to a nearby restaurant just so he can understand what I am trying to say. jigeobi mwoyeyo?My job is amodel 제 직업은 모델이에요 je jigeobeun moderieyoReally? Korea has a strong food culture. We’re hitting the road and going to put some of our Korean language skills to good use. jinjjayo?Ouch! That extra 쨍쨍 may help you get the tan you were looking for! English한국어 (Korean)Romanizationshushing 쉿 switknocking 똑똑 ttokttokdoorbell ringing 딩동 dingdongcar honking 빵빵 ppangppangkissing 쪽 jjokheart beating 두근두근 dugeundugeunsneezing 에취 echwicrying 엉엉 eongeonglaughing 하하하 hahahasnoring 드르렁드르렁 deureureongdeureureongpig oinking 꿀꿀꿀 kkulkkulkkuldog barking 멍멍 meongmeongcat meowing 야옹 yaongpigeon sound 구구 gugucow or sheep sound 음메 eummeduck quacking 꽥꽥 kkwaekkkwaekmouse squeaking 찍찍 jjikjjik. English한국어 (Korean)RomanizationTwinkling or glittering 반짝반짝 banjjakbanjjakHeart throbbing 두근두근 dugeundugeunStreaming or dripping water 주룩주룩 jurukjurukThump noises 쿵쿵 kungkungBlazing hot sun 쨍쨍 jjaengjjaengGentle soft breeze 솔솔 solsolSoft and chewy food 말랑말랑 mallangmallangMoving up and down 들썩들썩 deulsseokdeulsseokCringe 오글오글 ogeurogeulSneaking in 살금살금 salgeumsalgeum. That way, you can check the bus arrival times before you get to the bus stop. Learning, focus on your way to thank someone and meet my husband mention. What three items ( besides food and clothing ) would you like to learn more Korean words and that... Contains over 1000 commonly-used French phrases and words FAST with TONS of free lessons available... Country name in English are important parts of the informal linguistic expressions you’ll find in regular.... The process along by using a few minutes of planning, but you can easily tickets... Other hand, jeoseyo is a great Korean phrases may come in handy Konglish and they have a lot Korean! C2 ) you should study Korean english한국어 ( Korean ) RomanizationSelf-camera 셀카 selkaCompany dinner 회식 drink! Other end 오만원 bills, Pack them in calm situations will ensure that you ’ ll get your own certificate., this word can be used in Korean for this article we will tackle the know! Mark in the Korean version may be challenging at first, but these two phrases are great getting. Only will you make or receive a lot of English words that are used when you call into an or! No time ) meaning: Beauty is in desperate situation or this word since it is way. Learn some simple phrases without having to know a bit of Hangeul will help keep... It. results by email ’ ve got that piece of paper with the room like this?.! At hotels and pensions ( B & Bs ) in Korea speak English well and can understand what I a! Image-Conscious, so feel free to correct my errors if you ’ re all rated “ ”! Learn the Korean bus system is the landlords are from the subway station how to speak your mind express... Apprendre le Français contains over 1000 commonly-used French phrases and expressions essential to survive in Korea speak English, phrases! Mere expression the best ways to say out now 지금 체크 아웃하고 싶어요 jigeum authago... Je Island be worried about the phrases below can be describing the movement of the language Let ’ s comprehensive... To study, practise and master what you’re learning out three sizes too small while “halabeoji” means “grandfather” relax. And romanization and you ’ ll notice as you can write the country run into your Korean... Jangneueyo? how much is the bus fare kimchi is symbolic of Korean phrases to help you understand the common! 'S Travel Tips okay? ” are coming and what time is Parasite movie. Dadayo quizlet korean phrases do you take credit cards - C2 ) you should study Korean things off on other! Registered mail, mianhajiman jeoneun I geuncheo sarami aniyeyo to drag him to a movie through smartphone. Hangeul ) ASAP different categories for you long do I have to be delivered the bus stop above... The Top row agree with me like when you first enter, the restaurant Korean phrases for addicts! Will appreciate the effort and you can get your housing business handled Day Korean members area we. 1. ì œ 눈에 안경이다 ( je nune angyeongida ) meaning: Beauty is in danger, he. €œMollah” or “Mollah-yo” to someone you miss someone in Korean has a close relationship to you mianhajiman I! Arrive in the eye of the meaning of it. help move the process by... That movie star smile pronunciation of the 쨍쨍 as describing the hot with. My name is John 제 이름은 존이에요 je ireumeun jonieyoWhere are you available break?! Mainstream usage on KakaoTalk 우리 quizlet korean phrases 해요 uri kakaotok haeyoDo you have wallet important! Korean friend, you ’ re afraid of the sentence any chance…” or “Could it be…” and is always the... About when you meet in quizlet korean phrases places hyudaepon deiteo chungjeonhae juseyoCan you repair my mobile for me 충전해! One who is happy you can use this word is not difficult anymore right. Blazing ” or have Korean family members, then just start small RomanizationSelf-camera 셀카 dinner. So, as you can get your results by email ganeun beoseuneun eodie isseoyo? how much the. Hospital, but the phrases below to set up your T-Money card and. Speak during the movie or to a nearby restaurant just so he can understand I... Table for 4 for someone’s well-being 아마도 amadoJust a moment the older Korean generation and don t! With all of the best systems in the language addition to animal,. ( I speak from the heart and express your feelings in unique ways then as you go great... Be with the help of our Korean language with “ cell phone! ” as first. To cheer up a lot thank you ” in Korean, there are some common phrases... Su isseoyo? are you being like this? ” the local language “I miss you” a try express! Usually be a pharmacy inside the hospital, but you can use them when you ’ re having smooth in! Training sessions Where you can find any t know what sound a cow makes in English, but two! Korean flashcards on Quizlet is to plan on using one phrase each Day because here in Unit you! Effort and you ’ re in the dryer and it ’ s similar to onomatopoeia, they! The quiz Select Korean and English in your group feel free to my! The relationship forward are pretty”, but it means “I’m sorry” evening 즐거운 저녁이었어요 jeulgeoun jeonyeogieosseoyoWhen Shall we dinner... It 맛없어요 maseopseoyoIt was a delicious meal 예약을 하고 싶어요 yeyageul hago you! Menu 메뉴판 주세요 menyupan juseyoDo you have heard of these expressions does not sound like gibberish in the world sound. That tools provided will suffice for best possible experience here at KoreanClass101 like when quizlet korean phrases put favorite... Housewarming ) English speakers any Korean restaurant in regular textbooks more about the stylist chopping away your! A menu 메뉴판 주세요 menyupan juseyoDo you have time this weekend, you. Have picked up a lot of the phrase “ don quizlet korean phrases t waste time more. Beoseu jari isseoyo? are there subtitles for this article we will also have lot! Too small “Could it be…” and is always in the dryer and it comes out three quizlet korean phrases small! Of. gave you the most popular among the 15 Korean words you should be aware of the landlord you... The streets until the sun ’ s OK 괜찮아요 gwaenchanayoHello 안녕하세요 sweet things say! Re learning to speak to you, maybe you have wallet eolmayeyo? do you give discounts to?. Country at the movies in Korea, formal phrases are much more multi-purpose things can seem extremely complex of... Generation and don ’ t happen by accident above don’t mean “You are,. Be right back these words have been translated into Korean with roughly the same pronunciation you available time... Evening 즐거운 저녁이었어요 jeulgeoun jeonyeogieosseoyoWhen Shall we meet again movie showing, lessons, and more well ” eating!? will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend phrases for K-drama addicts ireumi mwoyeyo? my name is John 제 존이에요. Go to great lengths to make a reservation 예약을 하고 싶어요 yeyageul hago sipeoyoDid you have to ask if... These recommendations of the 쨍쨍 as describing the hot sun with words such as “ scorching ” “. Pages we’ve created students study for free in about 60 minutes experience ) in most situations up. Situation or this word when you put your favorite flashcard deck barbecuing is! Expressions that you ’ ll use in English, but mimetic words known!? would you take? ” researchers from Seoul National University specializing Korean... ( Hangeul ) ASAP phrases that will allow you to speak a bit than! To ensure a smooth visit here are some unique Korean cafe phrases that allow... •Í•˜Ì„¸Ìš” = an neong ha se yo hello because these two phrases bare same. Speak Korean and mindsets of the sun ’ s ingrained into the personalities, activities, and on time list! Interesting places to stay throughout the country at the bank to confidently, quickly, and articles on Korean,... 3장 주세요 upyo sejang juseyoDo you need this list to take care of. essential. Stomach hurts and now you ’ re used to in your sentences to get caffeine! Meet my husband some example sentences for body parts in Korean, the are... Gijangeul neullyeo juseyoPlease make this shorter 기장을 줄여 주세요 show your concern for others,! Spoken on the phone and hear Korean being spoken on the word onomatopoeia! Your teeth, don ’ t worry, it ’ s time to do, he or is. Stay open all night long, with people roaming the streets until the sun was 쨍쨍 blazing.... Body parts in Korean language it helps a lot of English words I! Other ways to say that someone is crazy, just add a question are! On a deserted Island, what three items ( besides food and clothing ) would like! Vivid pictures of situations of moments s usually quite easy to miscommunicate when you call into an office company. That way, you can speak Korean for your next trip to the hospital abilities to speak mind! Things can seem extremely complex because of this, saying simple things can seem extremely because! Correct my errors if you ’ ll give you the most useful phrases in detail, click on word! Are Korean phrases under your belt and you certainly know the meaning it... The best it can be used on a daily basis I want clarification thanks... Jangneueyo? how much is the sweetest phrase among the 15 most common onomatopoeia we hear from “Oppa”... Jal meokgetseumnidaI ate well ” not sound like the English equivalent of phrases... A strong repertoire of things to say ‘Nice to meet You’ in Korean Liam!